Build an SMS Forwarder with Raspberry PI Zero W and Waveshare SIM7000E hat

In this guide, I will explain how to receive SMS messages and forward them to your Telegram account using Raspberry PI Zero W and Wireshare GSM hat.

Python will be used to read SMS messages and forward them to Telegram Bot API. Messages will be listened to by Gammu SMS service and it will trigger the Python script when an SMS message received.


Export Bunq account statements for UK visa application via Bunq’s APIs

Six months ago, I applied to UK visa together with a solicitor. My solicitor asked me to provide daily bank statements for the last three months to prove that my account balance never down below asked level by Home Office. At that time, I was using Bunq and had a chat with Bunq support, and I was told that it is not possible via application unless I export statements day by day. That means I had to do some actions for 90 times. Thank god, I’m a developer and Bunq provides API that can automate it.


Partition Parquet File by Date

The pyspark script below can split one single big parquet file into small parquet files based on date column.